Try out new games with us!

Tabletop roleplaying games are so much fun!

Even though you may have heard only about Dungeons and Dragons ("D&D" or "Dnd"), there are so many great games out there besides that.

Some games, like Pathfinder, are similar to D&D, while others, like Fiasco and Honey Heist, are completely different.

There are many great independent game developers who have made games small enough to list all the rules on one page, and long enough to fill large books.

This club is a great way to sample some different tabletop roleplaying games in a fun and supportive environment.

Each month, we will cover a different game. The first week, a video will be posted in the free class. Register here for that class.

Then, paid club members (you) will have access to 3 weeks of in-depth Q&A and even demo play!

How this club works

Here is the general schedule for each month:

Week 1: Free video overview of game posted (available to register for free here)

Week 2: Live meeting and Discord asynchronous discussion with Q&A and deeper dive on rules

Week 3: Character building workshop (approx. 1 hr)

Week 4: 1 hour of live demo play

Honey Heist logo links to game site
September: Honey Heist

You are a bear. You want honey. You're working with other bears to make a plan to get that honey.

You wear a hat.

Will you stay a bear or become a criminal?

Maze Rats logo links
October: Maze Rats

Escape-room like game that rewards creative problem solving. Lots of random tables for personality, magic, and everything else.

Fiasco cover image links to game site
November: Fiasco

Your character wants something. The other characters also want something.

Stuff explodes and goes sideways.

Character-driven capers that inevitably go wrong.

December: Microscope

Demo meets Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 4pm Eastern time

Collaborate to create an epic setting with no limits on time or space!

A great brainstorming and worldbuilding tool for gamers and writers.

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