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Did you know that there are hundreds of tabletop roleplaying games out there?

Maybe you have only heard of Dungeons and Dragons (aka "D&D" or "DnD"). While this is considered the oldest TTRPG out there, and probably the most popular, there are so many outstanding games that are similar or completely different.

Want less violence? Try Wanderhome.

Want more social interactions? Try Fiasco or Powered by the Apocalypse.

Want superheroes? Try Mutants and Masterminds!

Want fewer rules? Try 13th Age.

Want more specific rules? Try Pathfinder 2e.

How this club works

This is a free club that will give you access to monthly overview videos covering a different tabletop roleplaying game.

My goal is to help people to find more tabletop roleplaying games and find ways to use these for enrichment and learning.

There are so many creative, wonderful games out there that deserve to be seen and tried out.

If you would like to get some hands-on play with these games, check out the paid TTRPG Exploration Club featured below!

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Because there is no direct interaction among members in this club, it's available for all ages (tweens, teens, adults).

Honey Heist logo links to game site
September: Honey Heist

You are a bear. You want honey. You're working with other bears to make a plan to get that honey.

You wear a hat.

Will you stay a bear or become a criminal?

Maze Rats logo links to game site
October: Maze Rats

Escape-room like game that rewards creative problem solving. Lots of random tables for personality, magic, and everything else.

Fiasco cover image links to game site
November: Fiasco

Your character wants something. The other characters also want something.

Stuff explodes and goes sideways.

Character-driven capers that inevitably go wrong.

December: Microscope
Collaborate to create an epic setting with no limits on time or space!

A great brainstorming and worldbuilding tool for gamers and writers.

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