Note-taking is one of the most foundational and crucial skills writers can develop.

A strong note-taking system makes every step of future writing easier.

Building a note-taking system that works for you provides the following:

  • Stronger reading comprehension
  • Higher information recall
  • Attention to detail
  • Identification of key quotes and stats

Over 8 weeks (suggested schedule), learners will learn about and practice the following note-taking methods:

  • Cornell Notes
  • Sketchnotes
  • Guided Notes
  • Annotation

They'll put these into use on a range of texts:

  • Informative Article
  • Informative Video
  • Narrative Fiction
  • Visual Advertisement

Finally, learners will use their notes to craft a summary of a text of their choice.

Self-Paced Format

This is a self-paced class, which means you can take as much time as you'd like.

The suggested schedule is 8 weeks.

This class will require facilitator (parent/guardian/tutor) feedback. Rubrics and feedback guidance are included.

Find Individual Processes and Embrace the Mess

This class does not offer a note-taking "system." There is no one way for learners to best take notes. It's a personal process of finding how they best negotiate information and make meaning. This class will model different approaches and encourage experimentation and personal reflection on what works and doesn't work. 

Learners are going to find their own methods for lifelong learning rather than be plugged into an existing framework that may or may not work for them.

It may look messy, but the best thinking usually is, and writing is — at its core — thinking brought to the page.


To participate successfully in class, learners will need the following:

  • PDF Reader

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