What does it mean to be a good friend? Is it ever okay to tell a lie? How do you make a decision? What makes someone a good person?

Exploring ethical philosophy is an age-old tradition that has left us with a lot of questions and not a lot of consensus on the answers. The Good Place takes all of these questions and wraps them up in a hilarious and heartwarming sitcom. 

In this self-paced class, we'll watch The Good Place and use it as a way to dive deeper into philosophy. Whether you are a fan of The Good Place or have never seen it before, this class is set up to be enjoyable and informational for all.

(Note: This is a self-paced class. There are no live meetings and no assignments to turn in for instructor feedback.)

Supplies Needed

Texts: Access to Season 1 of The Good Place (streaming on Netflix and available for rent at many libraries and streaming services)

To access class materials: PDF reader, speaker/headphones

For project: Tools (of learner’s choice) to create final project (such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, YouTube, etc.)

Ages: 11+

Suggested Length: 7 weeks

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This class uses a sliding fee scale.
All pricing options (with the exception of the Co-Op/Multi-Family License) provide access to the same class experience.