Are Boys and Men in a Crisis?

Of Boys and Men is a groundbreaking analysis of how the social and economic world of men has been turned upside down, leaving them adrift and underpowered. Previous attempts to treat this condition, from all political angles, have made the same fatal mistake - of viewing the problems of men as a problem with men. This book shows how the basic social structures defining masculine maturity and success have been shattered, and how they can -- and must -- be reinvented.

The book draws on a careful analysis of social, economic and demographic trends; the latest thinking on gender in psychology, public policy, economics and sociology; as well as on interviews with men and women, girls and boys. In particular, it examines the worrying signs that males are less responsive to social programs and policies intended to promote economic mobility.

Of Boys and Men thus reveals to a general readership for the first time the shocking failure of many social programs to help men, even as they lift up women. Something close to a conspiracy of silence in the social sciences has kept this a secret. It ends with an urgent manifesto for a new model of masculinity that is both pro-male and pro-equality: for parents, for women, law-makers -- and for men themselves.

Course Overview

This is a relaxed "book club" style course that will provide a group to read and discuss this book. Discussions will be held asynchronously on Discord and on Teachable during the course.

There will be TWO live meetings for this class - one halfway through and one at the end.

Due to the subject matter and writing style, this course is recommended for adults, especially parents interested in expanding their horizons to better support their children in a global world.

This book will also benefit college-bound teens because it will start challenging assumptions and habits of thought that can present difficulties for many learners at the university level.

Course Details


November 6 - December 11, 2023

Live Meetings will be on:

Monday, November 20 and

Monday, December 11, 2023

at 8:00 PM Eastern / 7:00 PM Central / 6:00 PM Mountain / 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

The meetings will run for approximately 1 hour.

These meetings will be recorded and the recordings will be made available to registered participants for 1 week after the class ends.

International Men's Day is November 19

I am running this book club around that date so we can recognize this day and open up these important conversations at a time when they even more urgently need to happen.

Age Range


Mature Teens interested in this book

Class Size

Up to 20 learners


  • A readable copy of Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male Is Struggling, Why It Matters, and What to Do about It. (see edition information here, audiobook available).
  • A free Discord account
  • A free Zoom account (mic and camera optional but recommended)
  • A PDF reader

There will be no assignments or evaluation for this class. Participants are encouraged to contribute to an interactive and thoughtful experience for everyone.

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Note: This class will be delivered on the Dayla Learning platform, but it is being purchased on SEA Online Classes. The content and the platform (Teachable) will be exactly the same, but you may notice some branding/logo changes as this transition takes place. Feel free to reach out with questions at any time.

Why am I offering this book?

As a scholar who has specialized in gender studies, it is apparent to me that feminism and conceptualizations of social structures and norms imposed on girls and women are well-defined and well-researched. This is vital for all of us to work to overcome gender-based oppression.

However, in my observations of men's spaces and advocacy groups, it is clear that the same transparent and thoughtful discourses about boys, men, masculinity, and similar structures and norms imposed (by patriarchy) on them are in their infancy. Many of the discourses resemble feminist discourses of many decades ago, and I believe this indicates that people are slowly coming to realize that in order to abolish gender oppression, we need to be gender inclusive and intersectional.

This book club is my contribution to this effort - to give us an opportunity to read an important new book that level-headedly explains the crises of modern (Western) masculinity and, while maintaining a strongly feminist position, also calls for justice, this time by meeting the needs of boys and men.

This club will challenge what many of us have internalized about gender relations and ideas; this book challenged me. But everyone needs to be challenged so we can be better and so we can support ALL of our children and friends.